• Join Beaver Scouts (6-8 years old)

    Join Beaver Scouts (6-8 years old)

    Our youngest members are Beaver Scouts - they enjoy crafts, games, singing, visits and plenty of outdoors! Read More
  • Join Cub Scouts (8-10½ years old)

    Join Cub Scouts (8-10½ years old)

    Cub Scouts enjoy a wide range of activities - games, plenty of time spent outdoors - camps are a firm favourite! Read More
  • Join Scouts (10½-14 years old)

    Join Scouts (10½-14 years old)

    Scouts aims to build and develop young people’s confidence, sense of adventure and outdoor skills Read More
  • Join Explorers (14-18 years old)

    Join Explorers (14-18 years old)

    Explorer Scouts are encouraged to work towards the top awards that Scouting offers. Read More
  • Join Network (18-25 years old)

    Join Network (18-25 years old)

    Scout Network gives opportunities to 18-25 year olds to help with their personal development and have fun. Read More
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Latest News

  • Update from the County Commissioner

    This from the CC, Mark Edwards:  Dear Team North Yorkshire I hope everyone is keeping well. I’m a bit out of sync with the regular Tuesday update, but things are

    Read More
  • Badge Competition - Open to all young members!

    Can YOU design a good badge for us? We need a badge designing for the County 'ZOOMBAREE' Activity Day on Sunday 20 December - Please can you help us out? Note

    Read More
  • 200 Club Winners for September 2020

    Another FOURTEEN lucky people Help us to deliver more Scouting Adventures for young people in North Yorkshire.   Why not join our 200 Club TODAY and give yourself a chance

    Read More
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