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Three new topics have been added to the Testing Hub:

  1. Team descriptions for Counties, Districts and Groups.
  2. How we talk about our leadership volunteers (including the new options for Commissioner).
  3. An updated statement about our volunteer culture.

Take a look HERE for full details, the videos explaining proposed changes and how to give your feedback.

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Awards Feb22

Well done to all 17 leaders and members




CELEBRATION - Open to ALL Young and Adult Members

Photo banner 2022

The Creative Activities Team is running another photographic competition for all members of Scouting and Guiding within North Yorkshire. Again this year it will be in four sections following the seasons of the year with a common theme of Celebration. The four seasons will run as follows:

photo3Winter from January to March inclusive
Spring from April to June inclusive
Summer from July to September inclusive and
Autumn from October to December inclusive

So break out the cameras and phones and get started - you can find out more about the Competition HERE


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Plat 5

In 2022 we are celebrating HM The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. As she reaches this historic milestone, HM The Queen will have served the nation for 70 years as Monarch.

Plat 1As HM The Queen is also our Patron, this makes it an extra special occasion for us as Scouts. We know many of you will want to mark this moment, and we’d like to help you do that in a way that’s as easy and rewarding as possible, creating great memories for the future.

HM The Queen says: "Scouting is a global force for good. In this Country and around the World, Scouts are helping others and making the most of their lives".

As Scouts, we’re always looking for a reason to get together and celebrate reasons to be cheerful so we’ll be celebrating the whole year round (why not?). However, there’ll be a special focus around the extended bank holiday from Thursday 2 June to Sunday 5 June 2022. This is when communities across the UK will unite to celebrate the Jubilee – the first time any British Monarch has celebrated a reign of 70 years.

Ways to get involved: Take the Platinum challenge
We’re suggesting eight different ways to get involved, one for each of the letters in 'platinum' offering plenty of choice and flexibility. You can choose to do as many or as few of these as you like.

P - Plant a tree for the Jubilee
L - Light a beacon
A - Arrange a Big Jubilee Lunch
T - Take part in #AMillionHands
 I - Invite a local Queen’s Scout to speak
N - Nab the Platinum Jubilee Badge
U - Unite and celebrate
M - Mail a thank you letter

For more info about the above - Click HERE

nynew largeHM The Queen has been a friend and supporter Scouts for as long as I, and indeed most of us, can remember. Visiting events, Jamborees and being there for big moments like Cubs100 and the launch of Squirrels, she’s inspired young people and encouraged volunteers throughout her 70 years on the Throne.

So, in 2022, as our Patron celebrates the 70th year of her reign, this is our moment to celebrate, recognise her outstanding contribution, and above all say THANK YOU.

We would all be struggling to think of anyone who’s shown the same sort of service and dedication as the Queen over such an extraordinarily long time.


 Let's do it.....






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Help us to deliver Scouting adventures for young people in North Yorkshire.  Your contribution will help us to develop young people and give them skills for life.  As a 200 Club member, you will receive a unique lottery number.  This is yours for as long as you are a member and will be entered in our monthly draw for as long as you are in credit.

We hold a monthly draw and at least 10 members receive prizes from £10 to £25, paid directly to their bank account or by cheque if they wish.  Membership is only £13 per quarter or £52 annually, which is only £1 a week, paid in advance by bank standing order.  You can cancel at any time after the initial 13 week period.  Half the money you give is paid out in prizes and the rest supports our delivery of Scouting opportunities to our young members across North Yorkshire.

Registered Charity: 524708.  Hambleton District Council Lottery No: 00732, NYCSC 43B Market Place, THIRSK, North Yorkshire, YO7 8HA 

JOIN TODAY, support North Yorkshire Scouts and give yourself a chance to win at the same time.  

Just send us a membership request and we will post to you a Standing Order form and stamped addressed envelope.

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Take a journey back through time with North Yorkshire Scouts Have-u-Heard!

To celebrate the remarkable publication of the 300th edition of Have-u-Heard, here's a look right back to Issue No.1 published in December 1991.
The slider will advance a year at a time every 20 seconds - hover over to see the arrows which you can use to move back and forward in time, or click a year to jump straight there.

There's lots of stuff to jog your memory - prices of things at the time, names you will remember, and of course Scouting events.
We promise that you WILL find yourself saying "I can't believe that was that long ago!"

  • From Issue No.1 December 1991


    Car Raffle Winner

    The first prize of a Citroen AX10 Motor Car was won by ticket number 55910 in NYCSC County raffle.
    The winner was Mrs. E. Gears from BREL at York.
    The ticket was drawn out at Stokesley Show by the local Rotary Club President.

    Watson Scout Centre

    No weekends are left unbooked this year,, but now is the time to book early for any required in 1992.
    Costs are £130 for a weekend, £250 for a Monday to Friday, with 10% discount for North Yorkshire Groups.
    Contact the Warden (Richard) on 0642 322XXX

  • From Issue No.12 November 1992



    Can we remind ALL members that since January 1991 headgear is no longer part of the official Scout Uniform and should not be worn at National or Local events.
    The limited exceptions mainly concern Air and Sea Scouts.

    County Car Raffle

    Another Car Raffle has been organised for 1993 and tickets will be available from January.
    The draw will be held in October 1993
    Make money for your District or Group by selling as many tickets as possible

  • From Issue No.14 January 1993


    200 Club

    The County Executive Committee has now approved the launch of a "200 Club" in the New Year.
    Members agree to support Scouting in North Yorkshire by a contribution of £1 a week and in doing so become entitled to be included in an on-going distribution of prizes.

    Discipline in Scouting

    It should be clearly understood by all Leaders, Instructors and Helpers that it is a Criminal Offence to inflict any form of physical punishment to children OR adults.
    All forms of punishment to the body, for example, striking, shaking, kicking, pulling of hair or ears, is not permitted.
    Parents sometimes give permission for their child to be punished, in spite of this, IT IS NOT PERMITTED.

  • From Issue No.26 February 1994



    Stephen Roberts of Filey Scout Troop achieved runner up in the UNICEF UNITE greeting card competition
    You will also be delighted to learn that Garth Morrison, our Chief Scout, was appointed C.B.E. in the Queen's New Years Honours list.

    Bank of Scotland

    You will remember that this scheme was to put money into the Scout Association every time you used your card.
    In recent months they have started to charge £7.50 for the privilege of using their card.
    Perhaps rather than Pay the Bank of Scotland, we should covenant this amount to the Scout Association, it might be more beneficial to us?

  • From Issue No.43 October 1995


    Jamboree on the Air

    There will be a JOTA station situated at the National Parks Centre, Sutton Bank on 21st/22nd October. If any Groups would like to take part please contact Gareth Roberts of 1st Helmsley Scout Group.

    Internationally Speaking

    North Yorkshire have received a request from a World Link Organiser in New Zealand wishing to make contacts with Cub Packs and Scout Troops.
    If you would be interested in forging links with New Zealand, please contact Alan Bell ACC (International).

  • From Issue No.46 January 1996


    Farewell Visit - Chief Scout

    The farewell visit to the County of the Chief Scout, Sir Garth Morrison, took place on 14th January 1996.
    It was an excellent occasion for North Yorkshire County Scouts, especially for the 700+ who were able to attend, because all of us derived inspiration and pleasure in meeting old and new friends by taking part in the activities and by the opportunity to thank the Chief Scout for all he has done for Scouting over the last 8 years.

    Cubantics 1996

    There is still time to book for this Regional Cub Scout Event to be held at Wetherby Racecourse on 22nd/23rd June 1996.
    Come along and have a fantastic time and find lots of great ideas for Leaders and Cub Scouts.
    Contact Mary Godwin, ACC (Cub Scouts) for further details.

  • From Issue No.58 February 1997


    Baden Powell House – International Hostel and Conference Centre

    These new facilities, available from March 1996, will include air conditioned, modernised accommodation with showers and toilets in each single, twin, double, family or Dormitory room. Ideal Central London location.
    Contact County Office for a tariff or contact BP House direct for bookings.

    The Scout Lifeboat Appeal

    Model Lifeboats are being sold by members to raise £600,000 towards a new Lifeboat for the R.N.L.I with the aim of replacing the current “Scout” Lifeboat soon to go into retirement.
    Some Groups may already be selling them but County has a supply should anyone wish to purchase them (contact Val at County Office).
    The cost is £5.95 with £1 going towards the Lifeboat and £1 going into County Funds.

  • From Issue No.74 September 1998


    World Scout Jamboree – Chile

    Units are establishing good ‘Teamwork’ skills, building confidence and having fun along the way! The U.K. Contingent has about 1,500 young people and 200 adults including Guides, British Scouts of Western Europe, and members from Bermuda, Falklands, and Cayman Islands.
    They will join an estimated 28,000 other people from across the World for the 10 day Jamboree.

    The Young Leader Scheme

    Despite the success of the Young Leader Scheme in this County and the recent article by Eric Fell in Scouting Magazine which has generated interest in several areas throughout the County, there are still many young people in North Yorkshire who would benefit from the project.
    Remember, it is a good way of getting help for your Section. Youngsters do not have to already be a member of the Movement so why not contact your local Schools and Youth Clubs to spread the word that this might be a useful form of service for those involved in the D of E Scheme?

  • From Issue No.84 September 1999


    Re-Start Communications

    It has been suggested with the coming of the Internet and Email that sending “have-u-heard” electronically might be an easier and quicker way of disseminating information directly to Groups.
    We aim to try this out shortly to those people requesting it, although we do not intend to cease producing the written issue. If your Group wishes to embark on this method simply let us know at the County Office.

    Calling all Venture Scouts

    There are conflicting reports from TOOKAY Camp Team Leaders and from Venture Scouts. One side is saying “No one is volunteering to help at the Camp” The other side says “We have volunteered but no-one is using us”.
    To set the record straight we DO NEED YOUR HELP. If you have anytime to spare between 29th July and 5th August 2000 can I ask you to contact any of the Camp Team Leaders involved with this County Camp.

  • From Issue No.89 April 2000


    End of an Era

    On 1st March 2000 Jim Boam completed 5 years as the County Commissioner for North Yorkshire Scouts. He has decided that he will relinquish his role at the end of August 2000.
    There is already a "Search Committee” appointed to find a new CC for the County....watch this space!!

    Uniform Consultation

    This 6 month consultation, commissioned by Scout HQ, will end in November 2000 and the results will be announced in February 2001.
    Further copies of the 'Consultation Questionnaire' are available from the Scout Information Centre.
    Don’t miss this opportunity to put forward YOUR views

  • From Issue No.100 March 2001


    Good Communication is a wonderful thing!

    From a Radio Communication released by the American Navy:
    Caller 1: Please divert your Course 15 degrees to the North to avoid a collision
    Caller2 : Recommend you divert your Course 15 degrees to the South to avoid a collision.
    Caller 1: This is the Captain of a US Navy ship, divert your course.
    Caller 2: No, I say again, you divert your Course.
    Caller 1: This is the Aircraft Carrier Enterprise, we are a large Warship, divert your course NOW!
    Caller 2: This is a Lighthouse, suggest YOU divert your course...but it's your call!!

    100th Edition

    This is the 100th Edition of have-u-heard. A little more than a year or two ago, the County Executive Committee agreed to trial this as a new publication for a period of three months to, hopefully, help with Communications across and around the County.
    It ended up as a trial that lasted a LITTLE longer than anticipated. Is it time for a change? Does this publication assist or hamper communications? Is the trial period over?
    Only you – the reader - knows how valuable (or not) this publication is!

  • From Issue No.114 July 2002


    National Trust Educational Group Membership

    The County has taken out membership which allows upto 60 members (in full time Education) and Leaders to visit any site free of charge.
    You need to think about which NT site and your preferred date of visit and then contact County Office for more details

    Badge Making Machine

    We have a badge making machine for hire from the County Office and all we ask is a £10 returnable deposit. The badges cost 12p each supplied on a sale of return basis.
    The machine is a firm favourite with many of you but if you haven’t seen it and are interested in using it then contact the County Office.

  • From Issue No.127 November 2003



    The County has a supply of mobile short-wave radios available (hire charge £10).
    To make a booking or to seek more information, contact Steve Hall.

    Euro Disney at Easter 2004

    York Ebor Cub Scouts are visiting Euro Disney near Paris from 5th to 7th April 2004 and can find about a dozen further places.
    Cub Scouts from anywhere in the County would be welcome to join this friendly bunch, led by ADC (CS) Bren Bailey.
    For details contact County Office.

  • From Issue No.132 May 2004


    York Gang Show

    Gentle reminder to all Cubs, Scouts, Explorer Scouts and Leaders from Ebor, Minster, Easingwold and Selby Districts that the sign on dates for this year’s Gang Show are 15th to 17th June at Woodthorpe School.
    The Show is also eagerly seeking rehearsal pianists and a new Musical Director.
    Contact John Ives for more details.

    Managing Asbestos

    Recent amendments to legislation will have an implication for District and Group premises where Asbestos may have been used in the construction of the building.
    There is a new factsheet available (FS 320002) from the Scout Information Centre.

  • From Issue No.142 May 2005


    Your views are sought

    The General Purposes and Finance Committee has been considering the idea that Adult Training within the County should be “Free at the Point of Delivery”. The idea has been adopted in other Counties and seems to work well.
    The estimated cost of achieving this would be an increase of £1.00 to £1.50 on the County Levy. Do you think this is a good idea, or do you object to it?
    Please let County Office know your opinion NOW.

    Beaver Scouts – “Sammy the Spider Challenge”

    Congratulations to those who completed the birthday challenge, some interesting, scary, big, small, hairy, shiny and cute spiders have evolved.
    1st Barton won the County Challenge Prize for their “Sammy” who was fastened to a Float and paraded around Town for ALL TO SEE.
    You can still obtain a certificate of participation by contacting Karen Jameson ACC(BS) via the County Office

  • From Issue No.151 April 2006


    Ewen Bennett Award

    NEW AWARD THIS YEAR: Nominations are being received by the Activities Team for persons over the age of 16, without exception, for inspirational leadership, achievements or persona.
    To see how to nominate someone, please contact the County Office.

    Activity Authorisations

    North Yorkshire Scouts are adopting, the new ‘Adventurous Activity Permit Scheme’ from 1st June. Anyone applying for an Adventurous Activity Authorisation after this date should use the new Forms from www.scoutbase.org.uk.
    Those who currently hold an Authorisation need not do anything as it will be effective until its expiry date. If you wish to discuss the new scheme regarding your individual needs please contact Will Lund ACC(Activities).

  • From Issue No.167 April 2007


    County Commissioner

    We extend our heartfelt thanks to Dick Stevenson for a job well done as he retires after 7 years as County Commissioner and welcome his successor, Ian Bardon.
    At present, Ian is DC for Ripon & District but takes up the role of County Commissioner on 4th November.

    Carol Service - 11th December

    This is to be organised by York City Scout Fellowship and will be at St Edward the Confessor Church, Tadcaster Road, York. It begins at 7.30pm and is open to ALL Scouters and Guiders including retired Members,
    The Service will be led by Vic Paylor (who at this time is still looking for an organist for the event).
    If you would like to attend or know of an organist please contact Jonathan Vickers via County Office.

  • From Issue No.177 November 2008


    Countywide Development Officer

    North Yorkshire County Scout Council is seeking to employ a Countywide Development Officer.
    The closing date for applications is 15th December 2008 after which interviews will begin
    Anyone may apply so contact County Scout Office for an Application Pack.

    1st Kildwick & Farnhill Scout Group 67th Scout Show

    This hilarious annual event is to be held once again at the Glusburn Institute.
    This year it will be staged on 21st and 22nd November at 7.15pm.
    Prices for children are £3.50 and for Adults £5.00 - Book direct via the K&F Group Scout Leader.
    Don't miss out on this long running annual event

  • From Issue No.179 March 2009


    Hillwalking Terrain One Assessment

    An assessment day will be held on the North Yorkshire Moors on 25th April 2009 for anyone wishing to gain an Activity Permit for Hillwalking in Terrain 1.
    There will be no cost for the assessment and lightweight camping will NOT be assessed on this day.
    If interested send an Activity Application Form to the County Office along with an Activity Permit Application

    Catterick Garrison Open Day

    This “Open Day” is designed to offer an insight into the range of employments, careers, and entry levels in the Regular Army.
    There will be a wide range of activities to take part in.
    Free entry to Uniformed Scouts and an Application Form can be obtained from the County Office.

  • From Issue No.189 March 2010


    Electronic Delivery of “have-u-heard” and carbon footprints

    Evidence has shown that a large percentage of people have now access to email.
    From 1st September 2010 the monthly ‘have-u-heard’ will only be available by email UNLESS you specifically ask for it by post.
    If you currently receive it by post and can change over, please send an email to County Office.

    Multi-act Camp at Ellerton Park

    There is to be a Multi-Activity Camp for Scout Troops and Explorer Scout Units to be held at Ellerton Park between 9th-11th July.
    Activities include canoeing, sailing, climbing, walking, cycling, windsurfing, air rifle shooting, archery and much more.
    The cost will be £40 per young person and £10 per adult – including ALL activities and camping.
    The closing date is 22nd May for Forms and Fees. More details available soon or contact Phil Bennett, ACC (ES).

  • From Issue No.200 April 2011


    Executive Decisions

    The Scout Association’s rules on trusteeship at Group Level has changed.
    Section Leaders will now need to ‘opt-in’ to become members of their Group Executive Committee by indicating their willingness to the Group’s Annual General Meeting.
    See the January 2011 edition of P.O.R. Rule 3.23.

    Be the FIRST to ride behind the restored FLYING SCOTSMAN

    The National Railway Museum at York is offering ONE lucky winner the chance to win two tickets to ride in the carriages pulled by the newly restored Flying Scotsman.
    Create a model of the Engine using whatever materials you choose – the more creative, the better then download the entry Form (which must accompany your model) from the Museum’s website and enter it before 28th April.
    The first public viewing of the restored locomotive will take place at the Museum from 28th to 30th May

  • From Issue No.209 March 2012


    National Scoutcar Races are coming to York

    The National Scoutcar Races are coming to the County on 7th July 2012.
    Do you rent out your HQ? Are you within 30 miles of York?
    If the Answer to both is YES and you could offer accommodation space to visiting Scout groups from 6th to 8th July please contact Steve Popple with availability of number of rooms, kitchen facilities, parking, costs etc.

    Visit of the Queen to York Minster on Maundy Thursday

    Ian Everard, Appointment Secretary for York Ebor District, has been chosen as a recipient of the Maundy Money which he will receive from The Queen.
    Although this is in recognition of his work for his Church, it also reflects his commitment to Scouting over many years.
    Congratulations Ian!

  • From Issue No.218 February 2013



    Congratulations from the whole Scout County go to our County President, Lord Craythorne, on his appointment as Knight Commander of the Royal Victorian Order (KCVO) in Her Majesty The Queen’s New Year’s Honours List.

    County Expedition Weekend – Tohunga, Teko, Tahwiri

    This popular Annual event is open to Scouts and Explorer Scouts from across the County; meeting the needs of the Scout training scheme as regards the Expedition Challenge, the Scout Hiker Badge, and the D of E Training Scheme.
    The site is booked, routes are arranged, and information and Booking Forms are now on the County Website.
    All we need now are participants for this, the THIRTY FIRST such event! Numbers are limited to 150 so apply early!

  • From Issue No.231 May 2014


    Scout Bands at the National Trust’s Beningbrough Hall

    St Chad’s Grey’s Scout Band, Selby Scout & Guide Band, and the 1st Vale of Pickering’s Ukulele Band are again performing at Beningbrough Hall on Sunday 15th June 2014.
    Please come along and support the Bands AND spread the word about Scouting in North Yorkshire.

    Scout Minibus Permits

    All Scout Groups, Districts and Counties who operate their own minibus require a Standard Bus Permit so that voluntary Groups can charge or accept forms of remuneration for providing transport for their members without having to comply with the full PSV operator licensing or PSV/driver licensing requirements.
    Permits are available from the Scout Information Centre and are valid for 5 years. Permits issued under the previous scheme with no expiry date on them ceased to be valid after 6th April 2014.

  • From Issue No.238 February 2015


    Chatterbox Challenge Thank-you

    Dean Smith, ACC (Youth Development), would like to thank ALL those Leaders who gave their young members an opportunity to take part in the “Chatterbox Challenge”.
    With over 1,000 taking part it’s been a great event to build confidence and skills to ‘speak out’.
    We wish all finalists, Cub Scouts, Scouts and Explorer Scouts, every success on 8th February

    Japan in a Box

    North Yorkshire & Cleveland’s Unit 48 are all set for the 48th World Scout Jamboree in Japan.
    An interactive educational resource is available to Groups to experience the traditions, food, language and cultural aspects of the host Country.
    If you would like a Japan themed evening for your section then fill out the Form via the link on the Scout Website and HQ will make sure someone gets in touch with you.

  • From Issue No.256 September 2016


    County Scout Cooking Competition

    This is to be held on Sunday 2nd October at Dawney Campsite Easingwold starting at midday.
    You can register your entry on-line (click here) or complete the form at the end of this edition and send it to the County Office.
    Teams to consist of 3 Scouts. Entrants must be eligible to be registered as a Scout on the date of the competition. Teams are to prepare a two-course meal on two burners (main plus starter or dessert) for four people within an overall budget of £12.

    Executive Committee Workshops

    Not to be missed by all new (and experienced) County, District and Group Executive Committee Members. Registration now open.
    The next two Executive Workshops will be on 25th Sept. and 22nd Nov. These are great opportunities for members and trustees to learn about their responsibilities. Register now by clicking HERE

  • From Issue No.263 March 2017


    County Beaver Scout Sleepover

    There is still time to book for this year’s County Beaver Scout Sleepover at Snowball Plantation, York on 20th-21st May 2017.
    This is also a reminder to those who have already booked that full payment is required by Friday 31st March. Invoices reminding Leaders of monies owed will be dispatched soon.
    For more details click the link HERE

    Membership Cards

    County Office produces a North Yorkshire Scouts Membership Card. It contains the same details as The Scout Association membership card (no longer being produced for the foreseeable future), which reflects an individual’s Compass record.
    Whilst it doesn’t give proof of identity, it does help folk to identify themselves as Scouting members and thus benefit from some in-store retail discounts. Please contact County Office for details.

  • From Issue No.275 March 2018


    From the County Commissioner

    Can I say a huge thank you to everyone across the County for the sterling effort you put into this year’s Census return. We were the first in the Region to declare our results!
    Over the next few months, we will begin in earnest more work on aspects of the County Development Plan.
    Look out for communications about having a Scouting presence at York Pride on 9 June and our attendance at the Great Yorkshire Show on 10-12 July; two important events at which we can promote Scouting.

    Beaver Scrapheap Challenge County Final

    Beavers and Leaders attending the Scrapheap Challenge Final in Thirsk on Sunday 18 March need to arrive from 1.30pm, ready for a prompt start at 2pm.
    Good luck to all our enterprising Beaver Scouts!

  • From Issue No.293 November 2019


    Just One More Campaign

    A reminder of our ‘Just One More’ campaign. The challenge is to add one more young person to each section where there is capacity. If we did that, we could add over 250 young people to our membership.
    So, have a look at your 2019 census figure and see if you can add one more to your section. For Groups, it’s a case of one more leader somewhere in the Group. Let us know how you get on with this as we go through the term and we can celebrate your success.
    On The Scout Association’s beta website, you will find here valuable information about ways to recruit - pop over and have a look.

    200 Club Relaunch Coming Soon in January 2020

    The County has a 200 Club which leaders and supporters can join at a small monthly cost and whilst contributing to Scouting activities and adventures, you can also win cash prizes, drawn every month.
    Look out for the relaunch in the New Year.
    The last draw took place on 30 October with £150 shared amongst ten members!

  • From Issue No.298 April 2020


    County Commissioner’s Update

    Whilst face-to-face Scouting activities are suspended, a weekly update from the County Commissioner is being published on the County website and circulated to members.
    The update will help you to keep up to date not only with National Scouting news but also what the County is doing to try and help Districts and Groups across the County during this Covid-19 Pandemic.
    The last update was on Tuesday 7 April and following a short break this week the next update will be published on Tuesday 21 April.

    St George’s Day 2020 - Join Us Online

    Thanks to the Digital Activities Team we are in advanced preparations for a massed North Yorkshire St George’ Day online event with Scouts and Guides.
    We hope this will be a mix of live feeds and pre-recorded pieces. It will be at 2pm on Sunday 26 April and will last no more than 30 minutes.
    So if you would like to join us, please pop this time and date in your diary and let your section know. More details to follow.

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