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38 leaders honoured in the County


Now that the decision-making for Awards, up to and including The Award for Merit, rests with District Commissioners as well as the County Commissioner, Districts in the County have been busy at the start of 2020.  Some Districts have established a Local Awards Advisory Group to support the DC in making decisions for these Awards and guidance is available from HQ and the County to ensure that the decision-making is consistent.

We are delighted to report the following 38 awards for leaders across the County.

NORTH YORKSHIRE COUNTY TEAM                                              

Chief Scout's Commendation for Good Service

Joe Fillingham                     Deputy County Commissioner (People Training)            

Mark Stowell                       Deputy County Commissioner (Programme)        

Max Butler                          Assistant County Commissioner Events Delivery



The Award for Merit

Michael Sawyer-Roskell        Group Scout Leader, 1st Kyle Valley


NORTHALLERTON & DISTRICT                  

The Award for Merit

Clifford Burgess                  Scout Leader, 1st Great Smeaton

Paul Roberts                       Assistant Scout Leader, 1st Great Smeaton



The Award for Merit

Jane Davenport                   Group Scout Leader, 1st Barton

Chief Scout's Commendation for Good Service  

Joe Odziemski                     District Commissioner

Jeremy Neate                      Scout Leader, 1st Wensleydale 



The Award for Merit

Andrew Eames                    Scout Leader, 42nd Scarborough   

Gillian MacCallaugh            District Active Support Manager

Matthew Jordan                   Assistant Beaver Scout Leader, First Scarborough

David Lewis                         District Scouter



The Silver Acorn              

Awarded after at least 20 years’ service, which should be specially distinguished and appreciably better than outstanding.      

John McCarthy                    Group Scout Leader, 1st Holgate      silver acorn best


The Award for Merit 

Phil Bennett                        District Training Adviser & County Growth Adviser

Andrew Heptinstall            Cub Scout Leader, West Thorpe Methodist

Keith Fells                           Group Chair, St Chad's Greys

Nik Owen                            Assistant Group Scout Leader, 2nd Acomb

Sandra Blake                      Group Scout Leader, West Thorpe Methodist    

Chief Scout's Commendation for Good Service

David Harryman                  Group Skills Instructor, Heslington

Deborah Paterson               Group Treasurer, Dringhouses

Elizabeth Atkin                    Assistant Scout Leader, Dringhouses

Jessica Wilson                    Group Treasurer, Elvington

Lars Kramm                         District Chair

Linda Dawson                     Former Group Chair, Heslington

Marek Lichtarowicz             Group Chair, 1st Holgate

Matthew Probert                 Scout Leader, 1st Bishopthorpe

Michael Brearley                 Assistant Cub Scout Leader, 1st Holgate

Michael Hewitt                    Group Executive, Dringhouses

Nicholas Lincoln                 Section Assistant (Scouts), 2nd Acomb

Nicola Waygood                 Beaver Scout Leader, 1st Copmanthorpe

Paul Gregson                      Assistant Cub Scout Leader, 2nd Acomb

Rebecca Lincoln                 ADC Beaver Scouts

Stephen Clarke                   Beaver Scout Leader, Dunnington

Trevor Foots                       Beaver Scout Leader, 2nd Acomb

Wendy Hewitt                   Group Treasurer, Dringhouses

Guy Beavis                         Scout Leader, Fulford

Sarah Wallis                       Scout Leader, St Chad's Greys


Well done to ALL those honoured this month.

Be proud of what you have acheived for Scouting and young people.