End of an Era?.....

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"Before the COVID-19 crisis, we told you that we were planning to stop publishing Scouting magazine, not just to remove the cost of production and postage but to respond to new ways to communicate in a digital age. The current situation has accelerated this change.

August’s issue of Scouting magazine will be the last ever issue, and it will be delivered digitally (by email) to members. We know that stopping the magazine may come as a disappointment to some. While it’s the end of an era, our society is rapidly changing, demanding quicker responses, more sustainable choices and flexibility in the way we communicate.

This change reflects that shift, making sure that we continue to support our movement in a digital world through our website, emails, online calls and videos, social media and any other new opportunities we want to explore so that we continue to provide you with ideas and support so that you can run inspiring programmes for young people".

 So....with this in mind:

Scouting Magazine - Autumn 2020
The magazine is now only available online and not in hard copy via the post.
To download and read the Autumn 2020 edition visit The Scout Association website HERE.

What will be...will be!