This from the CC, Mark Edwards: 

16th October

Dear Team North Yorkshire

mark 17I hope everyone is keeping well. I’m a bit out of sync with the regular Tuesday update, but things are moving fast and so I was waiting for information that I knew was in the pipeline to be made public.

Given our new three tier approach, this is the response from HQ with regards to Scouting.
You’ll have seen in recent days, the Government has introduced a new tier system for local restrictions across England.

The Government has confirmed that youth clubs and activities will be permitted activities at all the current three tiers (1. Medium, 2. High and 3. Very High), as services such as Scouts, like education, are essential to the development and wellbeing of young people and should continue wherever possible.

Here are the posters published by the Government explaining what activities are permitted at the various levels; Medium, High, and Very High. If you need to check which Tier you are in, please use the Government postcode checker.

Keep Calm 6In light of these changes, the National Youth Agency has confirmed that all parts of England will be at the Amber Readiness Level under the new tier system. We know that the Government has offered some flexibility to Local Authorities in the Very High tier to put additional measures in place.

As has been the case since face-to-face Scouting resumed in July, there’s no requirement for any volunteer or young person to return to face-to-face activities if they are not able or comfortable to do so. We know that Coronavirus has impacted communities and families in many different ways and we should always be sensitive and supportive.

Thank you for your hard work supporting young people in such challenging times. We’re always hearing such inspirational stories about the positive impact the return to face-to-face Scouting is having on both young people and leaders.

Best Wishes


Keep safe - and keep on Scouting!