Governance Support Webinars

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Over the next year, The Scout Association are going to run a series of webinars to support people in Executive Committee roles. Each month, they will focus on a new topic and by the end of the year, will have covered a range of subjects and issues for YOUR Executive Committee. Keep your eyes peeled on this website as we'll give you more dates throughout the year.

agmcWednesday 14th April (7pm) - Running a Successful AGM.
Wednesday 12th May (7pm) - Roll of the Exec Committee & Scout Council.
Wednesday 16th June (7pm) – Group Scout Leaders & Governance.

As stated, this is invaluable advice for all, especially Executive Committee Members, Commissioners, and Group Scout Leaders.

You can register HERE on The Scout Association Website. 

Well....are YOU planning ahead? If so, sign up now.