200 Beavers across the County took part!!

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This report from SARAH RANDS, the ADC(BS) for Ripon & District:

"In February, Ripon and District opened up their District Virtual Beaver Bear Hunt Sleepover across the County.
Bear cookiesNearly 200 Beavers took part in a 24 hour virtual Teddy Bear Hunt with ELEVEN of our Districts in the County all having Beavers taking part.

Over the weekend we read the story ‘We Are Going On A Bear Hunt’, and then did lots activities that tied into the story. We made dens; maps and binoculars, salt dough teddies, and bear paw cookies.
Bear report paintingWe collected all the teddies in our houses, had a virtual campfire and bedtime story, played roll-a-bear and did a family quiz.
For a bonus activity we took our favourite teddies on a walk and photographed them in long wavy grass, thick oozy mud, by a deep cold river, in a big dark forest, some very inventive snowstorms and some narrow gloomy caves.

There has been some fantastic feedback, and there were some fabulous pictures shared over the weekend of Beavers enjoying all the activities."

Fantastic - and well done to Ripon & District for sharing their virtual activity!