Key changes to our current AMBER status

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From Monday 12th April, the key changes to our current Amber status, as advised by The Scout Association, will be:

  • hands face spaceBeavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorers will be able to meet indoors, with no legal limit on youth numbers; however you should keep it as ONE section meeting at a time with flexibility for smaller sections to join together if required. - (It’s important to remember that physical space will be limited and social distancing of 2 metres between everyone will be required. You should continue to take all measures to stop transmission and we would recommend most sections to continue meeting outdoors if they can).
  • Scout Network may also meet indoors, but will be limited to maximum group sizes of 15.  We continue to encourage outdoor meetings where you can.
  • Adult activities can only take place outdoors and should follow the current Government guidance.
  • Trips and visits are now accepted; however these should only be done where you cannot stay local to achieve the outcomes and each must be completed within a day as residential activities remain prohibited.

Further information will follow soon in April's edition of the County Newsletter, Have-u-Heard? and all advice on Getting Back Together Safely is available here on The Scout Association website.


Brilliant News - we are slowly getting there!!!