This from our UK Chief Commissioner, Carl Hankinson, who says:


"We’ve all been tested for sure over the past eighteen months. All of us have done incredibly well to come through this period despite all of the challenges we’ve faced. Together, we now need to help others restart their sections. In particular, we need to help young people reconnect with their Groups and each other, gain those skills for life and really flourish. Like all volunteers, they’ve missed so much but their enthusiasm is what keeps us all going. It reinvigorates us; reminds us why we volunteer and what a difference we make.

So, thank you to all of you for getting us through these past months. What you do is so meaningful, and makes such a difference. But please remember to have fun too. Help each other and make plans for an exciting future. I know I speak for the whole UK Leadership Team when I say we promise to do our best to help."

Thanks, Carl, for your support to ALL our Leaders