Plat 5

In 2022 we are celebrating HM The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. As she reaches this historic milestone, HM The Queen will have served the nation for 70 years as Monarch.

Plat 1As HM The Queen is also our Patron, this makes it an extra special occasion for us as Scouts. We know many of you will want to mark this moment, and we’d like to help you do that in a way that’s as easy and rewarding as possible, creating great memories for the future.

HM The Queen says: "Scouting is a global force for good. In this Country and around the World, Scouts are helping others and making the most of their lives".

As Scouts, we’re always looking for a reason to get together and celebrate reasons to be cheerful so we’ll be celebrating the whole year round (why not?). However, there’ll be a special focus around the extended bank holiday from Thursday 2 June to Sunday 5 June 2022. This is when communities across the UK will unite to celebrate the Jubilee – the first time any British Monarch has celebrated a reign of 70 years.

Ways to get involved: Take the Platinum challenge
We’re suggesting eight different ways to get involved, one for each of the letters in 'platinum' offering plenty of choice and flexibility. You can choose to do as many or as few of these as you like.

P - Plant a tree for the Jubilee
L - Light a beacon
A - Arrange a Big Jubilee Lunch
T - Take part in #AMillionHands
 I - Invite a local Queen’s Scout to speak
N - Nab the Platinum Jubilee Badge
U - Unite and celebrate
M - Mail a thank you letter

For more info about the above - Click HERE

nynew largeHM The Queen has been a friend and supporter Scouts for as long as I, and indeed most of us, can remember. Visiting events, Jamborees and being there for big moments like Cubs100 and the launch of Squirrels, she’s inspired young people and encouraged volunteers throughout her 70 years on the Throne.

So, in 2022, as our Patron celebrates the 70th year of her reign, this is our moment to celebrate, recognise her outstanding contribution, and above all say THANK YOU.

We would all be struggling to think of anyone who’s shown the same sort of service and dedication as the Queen over such an extraordinarily long time.


 Let's do it.....