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This exciting North Yorkshire expedition weekend for Scouts and Explorer Scouts in 2020 will take place over the weekend of 2nd/3rd May and although there is a competitive element the main aims are:-

Tohunga --- Enabling the younger scouts to complete some of the hiker badge requirements and gain the experience they require before tackling the expedition element of the expedition challenge.

Teko Teko -- a two day expedition enabling Scouts to complete the expedition elements of the Scout Expedition Challenge.

Tahwiri --- a two day expedition enabling Explorer Scouts to take part in 2-day expedition which, navigation-wise, is of D of E Silver standard.

TTT20AAs a team, participants plan and walk their own route taking in a number of checkpoints, some of which are compulsory. For this reason, the distance walked depends on route planning. Successful completion of the event satisfies the expedition elements of both the Scout and DofE training schemes.

Teams must be completely self-contained, carrying all equipment and food for the weekend. Although no minimum age is specified, in the opinion of the leader ALL Scouts entered must be physically and mentally capable of completing the event.

Teko Tahwiri Tohunga (or TTT for short) is open to teams of between 4 - 7 Scouts or Explorers, who compete against one another in a 2-day expedition, testing their route planning and campsite skills!

For Leaders, this is an easy weekend to help your Scouts / Explorers achieve Activity, Staged, and Challenge Badges, giving Scouts the opportunity to get even closer to their Chief Scouts Gold Award, and Explorers to their Chief Scouts Platinum and DofE Awards!

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