Scouts get everywhere!

 famous scouts 2

Scouting is for everyone, and there are all kinds of famous people who were once Scouts, some of whom might surprise you. Scouts have been Presidents, Prime Ministers, Entrepreneurs and Pop Stars. They have climbed Everest, stood at the South Pole and walked on the moon. Scouts are also teachers, social workers, magistrates, police, NHS workers, engineers, manufacturers, firefighters, politicians, peace-keepers, therapists, managers and trainers etc. – the people who make society work. They are all united by common values of integrity, respect, trust, cooperation, and their promise to help other people.

Here are just a few examples.

Sir David Attenborough, naturalist
Neil Armstrong, astronaut
Buzz Aldrin, astonaut
Mark Addy, actor (above - far left)
(Note...Mark was once a member of a York District!)
David Beckham, footballer
Tony Blair, former prime minister
Russell Brand, comedian
Sir Richard Branson, entrepreneur
Jarvis Cocker, musician
Billy Connolly, comedian
Bill Clinton, former US president
Hilary Clinton, former US secretary of state
Bill Gates, business magnate
Richard Gere, actor
Bear Grylls, survival expert (& Chief Scout)
Richard Hammond, tv presenter (above - far right)
(Note...Richard was once a member of Ripon & District!)
Lucie Jones, singer and actor
John F Kennedy, former US president
Grace Kelly, film star
John Lennon, singer & songwiter
Queen Latifah, Hollywood celebrity
James Martin, chef
Sir Andrew Murray, tennis player
Sir Paul McCartney, musician
Barack Obama, former US president
Joe Pasquale, comedian
Jeremy Paxman, journalist
Nancy Regan, former US first lady
Debbie Reynolds,actor
Keith Richards, musician
Steven Spielberg, film director
David Walliams, comedian
Dionne Warwick, singer
John Wayne, actor
Venus Williams, tennis professional

These are just a few of the many.....