You may have seen us around with the logo on our black neckers or our activity gear. We are THE Activities Team!

The North Yorkshire Scout Activity Team is a group of leaders, ex leaders, instructors and helpers who provide activities, skills training, equipment and support to all members of the County. This helps young people to be more active in various activities, work towards Scout badges and National Governing Body (NGB) awards in some sports and also supports adult leaders either to develop skills or to include these activities in their program for young people when they don't have specialist skills or equipment themselves.

In the County Calendar you will find details of activities and events that we will run during the year.  These can also be seen through the web page of the appropriate section(s) and you can keep up with our news as we post it on our Facebook page AdventureNYS

Places on all our events can be booked online.  You can book as an individual or your leader can make a booking for a group.  There is a summary of how the booking process works on our Booking Policies page.

Our Young Instructor Scheme helps interested Explorer Scouts to develop instructor skills. 

If you have an interest in activities then please come and join us and join in the fun!  

Contact details for the Activities Team can be found here.