9D0A86A4-90B6-408B-9CAF-81631DFA5F1AWe’ve got the equipment and skills to support your event. We maintain and manage a wide variety of equipment to support Scouting in North Yorkshire.

We support scouting events across the county from large county camps to explorer unit meetings as well as supporting events outside the county including Apex Challenge, Eborienteers and The OMM.

We will try and help with any event whether you need equipment only or expertise or both. Whatever you need so if in doubt just ask!

Some of the equipment that we manage:

MARQUEES: 9m x 21m and 6m x 12m clear span marquee and party tents;
WATER: clean water and wastewater tanks, pipework fittings and pumps;
ELECTRICITY: small power generation and distribution, marquee and outdoor lighting ;
COMMUNICATION: VHF business radios and public address systems;
SAFETY: signage, fencing, traffic cones and fire safety;
CATERING TRAILER: a well equipped professional catering trailer,
TRAILERS: 3 sizes of general equipment trailer and an 8ft x 5ft Ifor Williams box trailer;

You don’t have to be an expert (and you don’t have to be a Scout) but yes, you will be welcome to join in and help us support events across our county and elsewhere.

For more information on the equipment available please have a look at our kit list here. If you cannot see the items you want or want more information please contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We might know a way to solve your problem.