The Water team COVID 19 Isolation Activities

Fun Activities

Design and build a boat, any type, for a small teddy and float it on a paddling pool or in a bath.

Find out how to tie 10 different knots, practice them then have a race against your parents or siblings.

Complete one of the many online challenges to tie a particular knot a given number of times or in a given time. Hint – search for bowline challenge.

Take part in the Scouting water activities quiz here

Design a dinghy sail for Scouting use post COVID.

Those who have access to a canoe or kayak, send us some pictures/videos of you practicing in your garden


Scout Badges and Activities

Have a look at the following links and see how many bits of the theory you know or can find out about and be prepared to tell others when we meet again at a County Water Activity

Nautical Skills Badges



Sea  (and Air) Navigation Badges

Scouts Pulling (Fixed Seat Rowing) Badge

Dragon Boating (Can also be done in a Bellboat)

An old resource but with plenty of Activities looking at Water in a wider sense rather than just for recreational sport


Other links

The Royal Yachting Association (RYA) and British Canoeing (BC)have some great activities on their pages and on their You tube channels which allow you to join in with various things from participating in virtual racing, learning the basics of how to sail and paddle etc

Here are some links

Virtual racing

RYA You tube channel

Note that most of the videos on here are related to the wider sailing community and sailing clubs but there are lots of good tuition videos. (We will be learning from what the RYA and BC guidance is but at all times will be complying with the Scout Association rulings on what we can and what we can’t do.) but a particularly good series for young people and those new to sailing are the Sail smarts Lockdown activities here

British Canoeing (BC)

British Canoeing want, like the rest of us, for you to stay healthy so here are some paddle related tips

British Canoeing have also have 45 films to watch while we are off the water

Above all, STAY SAFE and we hope to see you soon.

The Water team

Introducing Mental Health

What is Mental Health


We are proud of our work with Leeds Beckett University, Carnegie School of Education, and the Minds Ahead charity, to produce this free resource for all of our leaders to help them prepare as we plan a return to face-to-face Scouting.

Just click here for full details and the link to access the course.


Why not have a look and, thereby, "Be Prepared"?