The Activities Team offers various activities and events throughout the year. A full list of events can be seen on the Calendar. Places on all events can be booked by individuals or groups. Bookings can be made by registering and paying online or by registering online and paying off line - by mailing a cheque to the address indicated on the course or event information sheet. The online registration system collects all the required consent information for individual registrants. Groups may be registered before all the participants are known, so forms are available herefor submitting supplementary information on group members. The information below explains how we handle bookings.


Course Information

All courses have an information sheet which states:

  • the event name, date, venue and reference number
  • the booking check date
  • the minimum number of confirmed bookings that are required by the check date
  • the maximum number of places available
  • the course fee
  • payment instructions
  • Payments and refunds

All cheques received will be banked on receipt.

Refunds will be made where appropriate by the method of payment used for the booking.

Group Bookings

The person submitting a group booking is responsible collecting and providing to North Yorkshire Scouts all information on all participants in their group necessary for safe running of the event. The information required should be submitted no later than the booking check date for the event. Participant information may be submitted in one of 2 ways, either:

a) The group booker ensures that each participant or their parent/guardian completes and emails a completed Group Member Consent Form to the address on the appropriate event information page on the web site, or

b) The group booker collects consent forms from their group members according to their normal local practice, transcribes the participant information onto the Group Booking Summary Consent Form and submits the summary form to the address on the appropriate event information page on the web site.

Anyone whose participant details are materially incomplete when presenting themselves at an event will not be allowed to take part.

Booking numbers and dates

All events will have a booking check date before the scheduled event date.

All events will have a closing date for bookings.

All events will have a minimum number of participants.


Events for which the minimum number of confirmed bookings has not been received by the event booking check date may be cancelled.

Notices of cancellations for reason of low numbers will be issued to each booker not later than 21 days before the event date.

Event cancellations will be refunded in full.

Booking cancellations made before the event booking check date will be refunded less an administration fee of £3.00.

Booking cancellations made after the event booking check date will not be refunded, except in special circumstances (illness, injury, etc.)

Late bookings may be accepted after the booking check date

Booking Confirmation

Bookings made using the "print and post" option will be confirmed on receipt of payment in full by the coordinator.

"Print and post" bookings will be regarded as provisional. Places will be reserved for a maximum of 2 weeks to allow payment.

Data Protection

Email addresses collected during the booking process may be used by North Yorkshire Scouts for other reasons solely connected with Scouting unless otherwise notified in writing. All infomation collected during the booking process will be used for the administration of the event in accordance with the Data Protection Act.