Group Registrations Participant Information

To ensure the safe running of its events and to comply with some laws and some policies of the Scout Association, North Yorkshire Scouts Activities Team needs some information on individual participants. Anyone whose participant details are materially incomplete when presenting themselves at an event may be unable to take part.

All the necessary information is gathered automatically when an individual registration is made online, but group registrations can be made before the person registering the group has been able to confirm all their group members. The forms below allow that information to be submitted later.

A) Group Member Consent Form - Under 18

This form is for the submission of individual participant details. To be used when members of a group registered for an activity are asked by the Group Booker to submit their information individually to the event leader. The form can be emailed or, if preferred, it can be printed and completed by hand, but in this case it must be signed by the participant, or their parent/guardian if under 18. The Group Booker is responsible for ensuring that they hold the forms and will make arrangements for the forms to be available at the event if they have not been submitted to the bookings secretary 2 weeks before the event.

Group_Member Consent Form v2


B) Group Booking Summary Consent Form

This form is for the group booker to use to submit details for several participants and is to be used when the Group Booker collects consent forms from their group members according to their normal local practice and submits the collected information.  In this case the Group Booker is personally responsible for ensuring they have obtained the appropriate consent from each participant or their parent/guardian. The form is designed to be completed electronically and emailed. If preferred, it can be printed and completed by hand, but in this case it must be signed by the Group Booker and in either case MUST be sent in no later than 2 weeks before the event.

Group Booking Summary form


C) Participant Data Form - Adult

This form is for the submission of participant data by individual adult participants when registration was not made on line. Normally the individual will be responsible for submitting the form according to the event information, but this responsibility may be assumed by a group booker. The completed form will usually be required by the event leader at least 2 weeks before the event.

Group Member Participant Data-Adult