New role announced - Deputy County Commissioner (Activities)

This message from the County Commissioner:


neil"Following advice from the County Appointments Advisory Committee, I am pleased to announce the appointment with immediate effect of NEIL UNDERWOOD as Deputy County Commissioner (Activities).

This is a new role, the purpose of which is to provide a strategic oversight of our adventurous and creative activities provided by our fantastic County activity teams. Lead activity coordinators and advisers will be appointed Assistant County Commissioners for their respective areas in the autumn term and an away day for the new team will be held very soon.

A former and highly successful Assistant County Commissioner (Cub Scouts), Neil brings a wealth of Scouting expertise, as well as considerable leadership and management skills to this new appointment. I am sure that he will have your full support in his new Scouting role where he will aim to improve further the delivery of the full range of activities that the County offers its young members."

We all welcome Neil into his new Scouting role!


Even WE have to take a holiday sometime!

County Office Summer Break

holiday season

Just to inform everyone that the County Scout Office will be closed from Thursday 16th August 2018 and will re-open on Tuesday 28th August 2018. During this time emails and voice messages may NOT be picked up.

In cases of EXTREME EMERGENCY (only) please contact the Scout Information Centre at HQ on 0845 300 1818 or, after hours, the Duty Media Office or the Duty Safeguarding Officer using the out of hours service on 07977 539630.

We'll have a good break and come back 'fighting fit' for the next term!!



South Craven District has two District Commissioners

'South Craven' welcomes Jonathan and Andy

sc banner


The County Commissioner, Mark Edwards says:

sc badge"Following advice from the County Appointments Advisory Committee, I am pleased to announce the appointment of two District Commissioners for South Craven District, who will take on the role as joint-District Commissioners from 1 September 2018.

The two new District Commissioners will be JONATHAN STUBBS and ANDY STRONACH.

The Scouting and people skills of Jonathan and Andy will help them to jointly lead and manage the District in the years ahead. I am confident that under their leadership the District will continue to move forward positively so that the adult leaders across South Craven can continue to provide opportunities for adventure and skills for life for its young members. I also would like to extend my thanks and appreciation to David Viney who has led the District for the past 4 years and will continue to support its members in his County training roles.

As Jonathan and Andy begin a new and exciting Scouting challenge I am sure that all members in the District, both uniformed and non-uniformed, will extend to them their full support."

I'm sure everyone will give full support to Jonathan and Andy in their new roles




July 2018 - North Yorkshire's "200 Club" Winners!

TEN lucky people......


200July18In North Yorkshire Scouts we are fortunate enough to have a lot of adult leaders who are qualified to instruct our Beaver Scouts, Cub Scouts, Scouts and Explorer Scouts in various outdoor activities pertaining to their age ranges.

200 Club Anyone can join

To allow our young people to enjoy the myriad of exciting Scouting activities costs us a lot of money - joining our 200 Club is one of the ways that YOU can help us to achieve our goals

If you join our 200 Club - HALF the money you pay quarterly goes in PRIZES and the other HALF goes towards our County Scout Funds - this is a way of raising money for North Yorkshire Scouts AND allows YOU the the possible thrill of winning one of the ten prizes in our Monthly Draw - EVERY MONTH!

If you are interested in finding out more about the Draw (or joining it) please contact David, our County Secretary, at the County Office NOW!



Hill Walking Training in Wales

South Yorkshire Scouts offer places to North Yorkshire Leaders


For FULL details and a booking form click HERE

There MUST be Leaders in North Yorkshire who would like this?


10 things the Scout Association want us to know about our RE-BRANDING

Launched to us all on the 15th May 2018


The Scout Association have launched their new strategy, Skills for Life, along with a vibrant new brand and so here are 10 things you should know about the re-branding

1. We haven’t changed the World Scout Membership Badge - The World Scout Membership Badge that we wear on our uniform hasn’t being reviewed or changed. It will continue to be worn by members of the Scouts in the UK. There are no changes to flags used locally, and we don’t expect anyone to replace their uniform simply due to a logo update.

2. We consulted and tested the new brand with over 7,000 people across the UK - We rigorously tested our new brand with adults and young people. We spoke with Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Explorers, Network members, Section Leaders, Group Scout Leaders, District, County and Regional Commissioners and other volunteers from across the nations, all of whom had the opportunity to provide feedback and who gave their broad support. When we spoke with members of the public who are not currently involved with Scouting, they said that they would be more likely to get involved based on materials using the new brand.

3. It will be easier to describe Scouting’s benefits - The biggest and most important change going forwards will be our focus on skills for life. As a movement we will talk much more about the practical, employability and character skills we help young people in Scouting to develop. From our research we know this is the message that can help us attract the most amount of support as well as make us stand out from the crowd.

4. We now have a new, inspiring tone of voice - One of the best ways to communicate our brand is in the way we talk and through the words we use. We will now use language that is confident, active, optimistic, challenging and inclusive. Our guidelines will help everyone to communicate in a way that will help cut through the noise. You can find more guidance and support on the Scout brand centre.

evo25. We now have a more contemporary visual identity that works online and in print - We reviewed our current ‘swoosh’ logo, which was introduced some 17 years ago, back in 2001. Locally and nationally, we found this difficult to use in print and online. It can’t be used at a small size and isn’t suitable to be used digitally, which is really limiting. However we are proud of our heritage and we want to retain the fleur de lis as the key symbol for Scouting. But we have now updated and modernised it for a digital age. It will make it easier to protect as our logo and be more recognisable as belonging just to UK Scouting (in a world where there are many versions of the fleur de lis).

6. We have a free, highly accessible brand font - We know the movement struggled with the challenges of using the current Serif font, especially as it has to be paid for. We are now using a font that is free and highly accessible. Full details on how to get the new font are available on the new Scout brand centre. Having this font freely available means that you can easily create your own documents in our visual identity.

7. We have a new brand centre - A new range of easily customisable templates such as posters, flyers, banners and stationery are available on the new Scout brand centre. This launched on 15 May and is the place to find images, videos, logos, guidelines, MS Office templates and a local logo generator.

8. There are two years to make the changes locally and nationally - To minimise disruption and cost to local Scouting, we have until May 2020 to update our print and digital materials. Obviously some things will be easier to change than others and so we are suggesting this is done in a phased way. We are also arranging a special offer for meeting place signs on the Scout Brand Centre so you have an option to purchase or update these at a highly competitive rate. After 2020 we will have a much more coherent and consistent identity right across the UK.

9. The new brand supports volunteer recruitment - After seeing the proposals, 44% of parents of young people who are not currently involved in Scouting said that they were more likely to volunteer. This would be a huge boost to us locally. The new brand could also significantly support our aim to make Scouting as inclusive as possible. The testing suggests that parents from black and minority ethnic communities not currently involved would be 44% more likely to volunteer and 69% more likely to send their children to Scouts. Young people aged 14-18 said they were a third more likely to join.

10. The Scout Association is here to support you - We appreciate that change is never easy, but we are putting together the very best possible support to help you get up and running. There is supporting information and materials for all volunteers and opportunities for your specific questions to be answered over the coming weeks.

Let’s remember another thing that’s not changing either: our values of integrity, respect, care, belief and cooperation. Let’s continue to live those values, celebrate them and role model them to our young people. I’m immensely proud to be a member of both UK Scouting and the worldwide movement. Let’s celebrate our rich heritage while looking to the future with optimism.

We must remember that we are a movement, not afraid to change with the times.



1st Monk Fryston Beavers get a cash boost

Beavers in Tents?

monk fryston

1st Monk Fryston and Hillam Scout Group got a recent mention in the 'Selby Times' which says:

A Scout Group from Monk Fryston has received a cash boost to buy camping equipment. The Skipton Building Society in Selby donated £40 to the Beaver Scout Colony attached to the first Monk Fryston & Hillam Scout Group to help them in their outdoor activities.

Sara Johnson, customer relationship consultant at Skipton’s Selby branch, said: “We are delighted to make this donation which will be used to buy some camping supplies, such as storage, torches and lamps, for use on various trips. We chose this particular Group as they give a lot of value to the community. My son has attended this Scout Group and I have personally seen how they have given him a lot more confidence through their activities"

damboree badgeThe Beaver Scout Colony has gone from strength to strength since it was started almost two years ago and there is now a waiting list to join. The Colony meets every Wednesday at Monk Fryston and Hillam Community Centre and covers a variety of activities, including working towards achieving the Beavers badges.

Tom Hewitt, Group Scout Leader with Monk Fryston and Hillam Scout Group, said: “We want to thank Skipton Building Society for the generous donation, which has initially been used towards our camp called ‘Damboree 2018 - Beavers in Tents’. This is part of a National initiative to dispel the myth that Beavers can’t camp and we wanted to do our bit.”

Well done Monk Fryston Beavers - we all hope you enjoy your DAMBOREE 2018


Ingleborough District Youth Commissioner on the move AGAIN!

Tom's report of his 'Explorer Belt' experience


This by courtesy of the INGLEBORO' INFO monthly newsletter: "We are delighted to share an interesting report from Youth Commissioner, Tom Haigh."

EB2“This year’s international adventure had a slightly different twist … I had to help organise it! In January I saw an application for a small group of Network members to travel around Europe meeting other Scouts from various countries on the way, whilst completing an Explorer Belt 10-day expedition. I thought why not and put my name down!

This led to a hot Tuesday morning in June when I finally met my travel buddies at Manchester Airport ready to board a flight to Vienna! We stayed at a Scout hut in Vienna and met some of our friends from the Moot who gave us a tour of the city. We did the touristy stuff like visit the Palace and the Cathedral, but we also swam in the Danube, went up a hill and went to a theme park in the middle of the river! All in all, a very nice trip! Next was the longest train journey of our lives as we boarded the train to Zurich, a mere 8-hour journey through the Alps.

Finally, arriving in Zurich after stunning views of mountains and lakes, we met up with Desiree who we were to be staying with! That night she took us to her Scout Hut where we met with her Rover group and watched the Switzerland vs. Serbia match. As a converted Swiss fan, it was great to see them win! Part of the Explorer Belt involves completing 10 mini challenges on your trip. One of ours was to take a panoramic shot of a city from the highest point. So at 4 am we set off walking up a small hill (900 metres) to watch the sun rise over Zurich and the Swiss Alps! Beautiful! Another challenge was to speak in a foreign language to a local, which was much less successful … attempting to say good night to Desiree’s triplet sister, Nathalie, I got the pronunciation wrong and said she was good naked … least I tried!

After embarrassing myself in Zurich, we left quickly for Cologne in Germany where for the only time we were not staying with Scouts. We soon discovered that the day we had chosen to be in Cologne was a mistake … for some unknown reason everything in Germany is closed on a Monday!! We did climb the 500 odd steps to the top of the Cathedral though, which was tiring but almost worth it for the view!

EB3Amsterdam would be our final destination, or the small city of Alkmaar, where we would be staying with a local Water Scout. We went sailing on the lakes and canals of Holland on the Scout’s boat whilst watching the sunset which was spectacular! We also met up with some more Swiss Scouts from Geneva who were cycling round Holland. In addition, we went for a bike ride to the beach which unusually meant going uphill to the sea! For the final time, we had an emotional goodbye to our hosts before boarding our plane back to Manchester. A great trip meeting some great people, drinking and eating some great stuff! What more could you want in life!”

What an amazing international Scouting experience – let’s hope it inspires other Network members to take a step out of their comfort zone, too!