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Needed to keep the County moving forward

 2 pounds


After great discussion and a review of County finances, the County Executive Committee agreed at its meeting on 11th October that we need to increase our County Subscription for 2019 by £2.00

Therefore, next year’s subscription, levied for young people only, will be £13.50 gross (£13.20 for prompt payment).

You will have already received advice from The Scout Association that the 2019 UK Membership Subscription for them will be £28.00 gross (£27.50 for prompt payment), an increase of £1 from last year.

This increase in the County Subscription is to enable us to further develop supporting YOU and to increase the activities and services we can offer you. This includes:

 Increased access to gaining permits.
 Increasing the number of leaders that can assess for permits.
 Recruitment campaigns at major events to support adult recruitment.
 Increasing the range of County activities we can offer our young people.
 Continued support for On-line Scout Manager.
 Increasing the profile of Scouting.

Whilst we are always looking to review our costs and review how we target our spending to support you, it is a fact that the County Subscription has NOT been increased for 3 years whilst costs have generally gone up, as we all know.

This increase is something to note when setting your termly Group/Unit Subs for next year