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2019 Expedition Weekend - Information for Participants and Section Leaders

Information for Participants

You can download all you need to know about your part of the Expedition Weekend including the judging rules for the competition here:

Tohunga Participant handbook
Teko Teko Participant handbook
Tahwiri Participant handbook

Section Leaders, you can print and distribute hard copies to your team members or circulate a link to this page if you prefer.

Information for Section Leaders

a) Event Administration Documents

The three forms below are important documents necessary for the administration of the event. When you receive your booking confirmation it will contain specific information about when and to whom these forms should be returned. Information from all individual participants is required.

Section Leaders, you must ensure that all members of your teams complete and return the Participant Data Form. You must also inform the event management of your nominated home contact.

Participant Data Form (Health form)
Blank Route Card (Teko Teko and Tahwiri only)
Home Contact Notification

The following document explains the actions to be taken by the team home contact. Download this document and give it to your nominated Home Contact:

Home Contact Instructions

For further information on the role of Home Contact and communications please click here

b) General Information and Guidance

The documents below are guidance documents that can be used as part of your preparation activities. You can distribute copies to individual participants if you wish.

Navigational Hints and Tips
Training Scheme Information
Walkers Instructions

Please note: all participants will receive a laminated copy of the Walkers Instructions at the event start.

c) Nights Away Notification/Nights Away Passport

A Nights Away Notification will be submitted by the Camp Site Manager covering all teams camping overnight on the Saturday.  Section leaders with teams taking part in the expedition weekend do not need to submit a Nights Away Notification unless their team(s) will camp overnight on Friday night, before the official event start on Saturday morning.

Teams may request camping space for the Friday night (for example, if they have an early check-in time for the event start, or have difficulty getting transport to the start on Saturday morning). In this case teams must apply to their Home DC for a Nights Away Passport or submit a Nights Away Notification (as appropriate) for the Friday night.

d) SAFETY NOTE - Gas Stoves

Section Leaders and participants, please make sure your cooking equipment is safe and that those using it know the correct procedure.  Guidance on safe use of gas stoves can be found here 


For more information please email the event manager: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.