About Adult Training

The Scout Association's primary purpose is the development of young people and, as a means of achieving this aim, it offers personal development opportunities to adults as leaders, managers, supporters and administrators.

The Adult Training Scheme's main aim is to give adults the skills required to fulfil their particular role in Scouting. 

  • The Adult Training Scheme is based upon a number of key principles and is on the whole delivered by means of a number of training modules. Adults are required to complete those appropriate to their role in Scouting.
  • The scheme is intended to be accessible to all, regardless of geography, education, personal circumstances or special needs.
  • There are several methods of meeting the key objectives and adults can choose the method which is most appropriate to them.
  • The scheme recognises prior learning, experience and existing knowledge. It is not necessary for adults to undergo training if they can clearly show that they can meet the modular objectives.
  • Training uses familiar Scouting methods and is complemented by work books, videos, DVDs and e-learning.

After a Leader has successfully attended an appointment interview and a Provisional Appointment is made, a Training Adviser (TA) is appointed to help the Leader through the process of completing the agreed training for the role in question. All adults accepting an appointment to a uniformed role are, within a period of 3 years, required to show that they have the appropriate skills for the role; and successful completion of training results in the award of a Wood Badge. Sectional Assistants are not obliged to complete Wood Badge training. They must however, complete two specific Modules (Module 1: Essential Information; and Module 3: Tools for the Job). Occasional Helpers are not asked to do any training.

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To book courses please select the link 'Book Adult Training' from the Support tab.

Guidance for Local Training Managers and others in a situation where both young people and adults are attending the same course on equal footing can be found here Guidance for LTMs