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Scouting at Home

"Preparing Young People with SKILLS FOR LIFE"

Need a new challenge

Why not take up a new skill and work towards the Queen's Scout Award, Chief Scout's Diamond Award and/or The Duke of Edinburgh's Award?

Don’t know where to start? See our take up a skill list and choose a new skill today. To see the list just clik HERE

Remember, when working towards the Queen's Scout Award, all members should complete 12 months in either the skill or the physical activity challenges, and when working towards the Chief Scout's Diamond Award, participants must complete six months in either the skill or physical activity challenges.

Lewis Agar-Simms
ACC (Scout Network)
North Yorkshire




Now is the time to ’give it a go’!

Virch Hall 2




See 100+ stay-at-home activities for young people


This is but the first article to help you to create NEW SKILLS for yourself over the next few weeks and months,

All you have to do is go to by clicking HERE- then just click on the correct age range to see what is possible!

Well - what are you waiting for?



Have you thought about holding a Scouting meeting with your young people over the internet? By using one of the many free conferencing platforms that are usually used for business conference calls, you could do this!  Take a look here at this invaluable advice from the Digital Activities Team.